DBA Program: Chulalongkorn Business School

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2013606 Advanced Supply Chain Strategy (3 credits)
Concepts of managing the efficient flow of products; advanced supply chain strategies, demand forecasting and management, new concept of procurement, multiple-inventory management strategy, distribution strategy, supply chain network information management, customer service value; advanced supply chain financial management; social responsibility in product distribution.
2600720 Quantitative Research Methodology (3 credits)
Research process; different research methodology: experimental design, quantitative research, field study; statistical techniques: applied regression, structural equation modeling; papers critique; research designs for a field study, an experimental study, and modeling.
2600721 Qualitative Research Methodology (3 credits)
Research process; theory and practice of naturalistic inquiry; Grounded Theory; ethnographic methods: interviews, focus groups, naturalistic observation; case studies; analysis of qualitative data; reliability, validity and generalizability of qualitative research.
2600722 Measurement (3 credits)
Theory of measurement; scale development and refinement processes; statistical techniques related to the testing of measurement: scale reliability and validity, confirmatory factor analysis.
2600826 Dissertation (36 credits)
2602731 Organization Theory (3 credits)
Models and concepts of the organization; organization design; theoretical perspectives on organizations: contingency theory, institutional theory; organizational ecology and organizational evolution and environments: networks, technology, and social construction.
2602732 Advanced Theory in Management (3 credits)
Evolution of management theory; contemporary models in management; literature of management: integration of theory and practice; application of management theory to business functions; economic concepts of management theory.
2602733 Organizational Behavior (3 credits)
Micro organizational behavior theory: cognition, attitude, emotion, dispositional theory and situational theory, motivation, justice, leadership, group process; macro organizational behavior theory: organizational structure, organizational culture, organizational change and development.
2602734 Research Methodology in Management and Organizations (3 credits)
Management and organization theory formulation process; hypotheses development; research design; experimental design; survey research method; qualitative research method; emerging streams of research.
2602735 Seminar in Advanced Management (3 credits)
Literature and critique in the management field.
2602736 Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
Theory of technology management: development, strategy, transfer, commercializing; theory of innovation: developing innovative organizations, innovation culture; theory of entrepreneurship: new venture creation; corporate entrepreneurship.
2602737 Seminar in Strategic Management (3 credits)
Contemporary issues of strategic management; organizational aspects of strategic management; modern theory and models in strategic management; theoretical perspectives and frameworks in strategic management research; research methods in strategic management.
2602738 Seminar in International Business Management (3 credits)
Paradigms and theory in international business management; problem issues in international business management.
2603609 Statistical Analysis I (3 credits)
Concepts and steps in statistical analysis; assumptions of statistical analysis; estimation and hypothesis testing for univariate; concepts and principles of experimental designs; one-way and two-way analysis of variance; multiple comparison; simple and multiple linear regression and correlation analysis; chi-square test; evaluation of analytical results.
2603616 Nonparametric Statistics (3 credits)
Tests based on binomial distribution: the binomial test, and sign test; contingency tables; goodness-of-fit test, measures of dependence, test for homogeneity, some methods based on ranks, and Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.
2603720 Applied Multivariate Analysis (3 credits)
Current multivariate statistical methods: discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, principal component analysis, canonical analysis, factor analysis, and other multivariate statistical methods.
2604859 Advanced Financial Theory (3 credits)
Models of choice under uncertainty; risk aversion; stochastic dominance; single-period portfolio optimization problems; equilibrium models of asset markets: Arrow-Debreu model of complete markets, capital asset pricing model (CAPM), and arbitrage pricing theory model (APT); mutual fund separation theorems; multi-period asset markets; portfolio choice in a multi-period context; financial decision of firms; Modigliani-Miller theorems (MM).
2604862 Advanced Business Economics (3 credits)
Consumer behavior; production; firm behavior; perfectly competitive and imperfectly competitive markets; general equilibrium and welfare theorem; market failure; elementary applications of game theory; economics of uncertainty and imperfect information; Fiscal and monetary policies; international economics; international finance.
2604863 Empirical Methods in Finance I (3 credits)
Tests of return predictability; tests of asset pricing models; event-study methodology; analysis of market microstructure; endogeneity problems and instrumental variable estimation; maximum likelihood estimation; estimation of nonlinear models; panel data analysis.
2604864 Empirical Methods in Finance II (2 credits)
Time series analysis; ARIMA processes for univariate and multivariate; unit roots and cointegration; ARCH and GARCH models; multifunction models; vector autoregression (VAR); asset return prediction; non-parametric estimation; bootstrap techniques.
2604865 Advanced Investment and Portfolio Theory (3 credits)
Portfolio theory and management; global asset allocation; mutual funds; portfolio performance evaluation; research in portfolio management and asset allocation; security analysis and equity valuation; research in security analysis and valuation; investment in fixed-income securities; term structure of interest rates; research on investment in fixed income securities and interest rates; international diversification; international investments;  research in international investments.
2604866 Modern Theory of Corporate Finance (3 credits)
Capital budgeting; information asymmetry; agency theory; capital structure theory; dividend policy; initial public offerings; follow-on offerings; mergers and acquisitions; corporate diversification; divestments; research in corporate finance.
2604867 Risk Management and Derivatives (2 credits)
Uses and features of derivatives: futures, options, and swap; concept of arbitrage-free pricing and hedging; binomial option pricing model; Black-Scholes model; volatility measurement; pricing of nonstandard options; concept of financial risk management; market and credit risk measurements; modeling and analysis of derivatives.
2604868 Advanced Research Issues in Finance (2 credits)
Issues in international finance; market microstructure; financial market anomalies; issues in behavioral finance; privatization; venture capital financing; corporate governance; regulatory reforms and financial markets.
2605741 Research Methodology in Marketing (3 credits)
Types of research design; qualitative research; quantitative research; statistical techniques; structural equation model related to marketing; discussion on marketing research papers
2605742 Advanced Consumer Behavior Analysis (3 credits)
Qualitative and quantitative research in consumer behavior; attitude formation; categorization; inference making; consumer knowledge and memory; decision making and choice; post-purchase behavior; other factors that affect consumer behavior.
2605743 Marketing Theory (3 credits)
Knowledge and development of marketing theory; three dichotomy model; scientific method in marketing; morphology of explanation; conceptual system for discovering and testing causal relationships in marketing; theory and laws; general theory of marketing; topics in advanced marketing; defining and reviewing behavioral, managerial, and environmental issues in marketing theory and its applications.
2605744 Seminar in Advanced Marketing (3 credits)
Literature and criticism of academic articles on advanced marketing; consumer behavior; advertising and promotion; pricing; distribution and retailing; product planning and development.
2605751 Brand Measurement Research (3 credits)
Qualitative and quantitative research in brand; brand equity concept; brand image and brand equity measurement; effects of brand on consumer behavior; benefits of brand; brand personality; factors influencing the formation of brand image
2605752 Marketing Communication Theory and Applications (3 credits)
Qualitative and quantitative research in marketing communication; advertising research; word-of-mouth communication; internet communication; direct marketing; cross-cultural marketing communication.
2605753 Research in Service Marketing (3 credits)
Qualitative and quantitative research in service marketing; nature of service; service quality measurement; service satisfaction; factors influencing service satisfaction; cross cultural service research.