DBA Program: Chulalongkorn Business School

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Where theory and practice converge

Our DBA program offers students the learning environment to holistically experience, explore and develop insightful research ideas. The program is an academic platform on which students learn to acquire theoretical and methodological skills necessary for frontier advances, both scholarly and professionally, in the fields of Finance, Management and Marketing.

In Finance, practice and theory are not independent. Finance students will be equipped with in-depth theoretical background, and by means of rigorous research requirements, trained to make significant contributions to the existing body of knowledge. Key areas in the Finance major include, but not limited to, asset pricing, portfolio management, corporate finance, market microstructure, derivatives pricing, risk management, and securities market regulation.

In Management, the curriculum covers arrays of management theory and practice to tackle the 21st century management issues. Key research themes include innovation, decision making, organizational behavior, organizational design, human resource management, knowledge management, and business strategy.

For Marketing disciplines, the today's marketing world has been dynamic and moved with speedy pace. Marketing research topics are well-selected in order to cope with changing environment which include the most up-to-date marketing theories and modelling, marketing innovation, consumer behavior analysis, digital marketing, marketing profitability and branding theories.